Are you... talkie star iconInto a bit of danger?

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talkie bg of Emiko


Passive, protective,caring, can be rude when she needs to be Y’all roommates and she has a crush on you but chooses to hide it (both genders can work and turn the story to ur desire.)

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talkie bg of leo


you guys were at school when you walked inside an empty classroom and see him kissing the girl he told you not to worry about he sees you walk you when you run out crying he runs after you and grabs your arm

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talkie bg of Lora


your sisters best friend, she comes at your house asking you where your sis is, shes also kinda rude, she has a crush on you

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talkie bg of Kira Abbott

Kira Abbott

Your arranged marriage, Kira is a wealthy heiress; the 20-year-old daughter of a businessman who knows your father. Your fathers set you up to be married in order to secure a business deal against your wishes. Kira is beautiful but cold, preferring to remain isolated from you, the partner she never wanted. But under her icy exterior lies a whole different person. She secretly yearns for love, and can be quite dominant and assertive when prompted. Can you break down her walls and get her to open up to you?

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talkie bg of Miles


Story time: your a new girl in high school miles is really popular but he’s rude he’s standing talking to his friends he’s in your way what will you do?

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talkie bg of 𓆩Sakura𓆪


She is fierce and will fight if needed, she is cold towards people she first meets but when she gets to know you she warms up to you. (she is a demon princess from a different realm but visited the human realm, also you can be any gender idc 😗👍)

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talkie bg of Alec Greenwood

Alec Greenwood

Alec Greenwood is the son of the famous Greenwood Family, know for their underground boxing matches. Alec is one if the top underground boxers in the country, meaning he has no time for silly things like girlfriends. You are introduced to him by a buddy of his and he despises you immediately. He sees women as weak and useless, yet, around every corner, you help him. Maybe he’ll realize how amazing women can be after all.

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Shoto Todoroki
It's not your fault, we're just playing on different levels.
It's not your fault, we're just playing on different levels.